When a woman wants a change in her life, she cuts her hair short. Use dark lipstick during periods. There are many interesting studies like this on women. Let’s find out what eight things a woman wants in a partner, according to Growth Mindset Tips. If you’re a woman, match. If you are a man, know that it will work!

Good morning, good night message

If you are in a relationship with a woman, remember her at the beginning and end of the day. You will be able to avoid many complicated situations. Because women often give more importance to small messages than expensive gifts.


There are many moments, when loved one hugs once, it seems that your problems are solved a lot. Women know this and want you to embrace them. The day becomes easy for him.

Deep long conversation

Long, deep conversations play an important healing role in love or marriage or any relationship.

Take pictures together

Whether your partner says it openly or not, knowing that taking a photo with you is one of the best moments of her day! So don’t forget to frame yourself with one click whenever you get the chance.


Small surprises have a big positive impact, so it’s important not to neglect small surprises, but to surprise them occasionally.

Bring home flowers occasionally. Send the message, ‘Love’.

One of the funny things about women’s nature is that they can replace many big injuries with many small gifts. Remember the small things with importance. So on the way back from the office, what’s the harm if you sometimes bring a garland of flowers! Trust me, a one word message, ‘Love’ during work breaks is enough to keep him happy all day long! Don’t forget to include the kiss emoji as well.

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