The Korean makeup trend has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. Rifat Parveen has written about how to do this special style makeup in a few steps.

One of the reasons why Korean makeup style is so popular is that even with light makeup, the look becomes beautiful. Korean makeup is now at the top of the trend to reduce the impression of age on the skin and bring an attractive and doll look.

What is the Korean makeup look?

Korean makeup brings perfect complexion, dewy look and youthfulness. This style can add glamor to the look even with natural makeup. Korean makeup gives the skin a glossy and dewy look. But this makeup is not done with highlighter or full coverage foundation. It is important to use moisturizer and hydrate the skin before makeup to achieve glass skin like Koreans. Moisturizer must be used on the skin in the morning and at night. And the first step is to use rose or cucumber mist to keep the skin hydrated.

Sun care

There is no substitute for sunscreen to protect the skin. You can never go wrong with applying sunscreen before applying any other makeup cosmetics.

BB cream or compact powder

Korean makeup can be done very quickly and easily. And it does not require much cosmetics. BB cream is very lightweight. It’s not as heavy as a foundation. The natural beauty of the skin is maintained with the use of BB cream. However, the skin has a makeup finish.


It is very important to use concealer to give a perfect look to the skin. Use concealer to reduce dark circles, acne scars or skin redness. Concealer can also be used here if you want to highlight the cheekbones and nose. A shade lighter concealer can be used as a highlighter. But if there are not too many blemishes, a light foundation will do the same if needed.

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