In addition to many losses, Corona has also taught us many good habits. Such as wearing a mask properly, washing hands with soap, using sanitizer to disinfect hands, covering the mouth with a handkerchief or elbow while sneezing, observing social distance, avoiding unhealthy food outside, etc.

Research says that diseases like pneumonia, flu and diarrhea have decreased due to following these habits during Corona. Corona is now very much under control, so the previous strictness in following the habits is no more. But many have now made it a regular practice.

Most important Corona is not completely gone. Scientists say that Corona will not go away, but will remain in the environment like ten other infectious diseases; Along with seasonal diseases, such as influenza, pneumonia, typhoid, dengue, diarrhoea, cholera, chicken pox or water spring, there are infectious diseases. So if good habits are followed all the time, we can keep many diseases apart from Corona at bay. Let’s try to know how the general rules of health protection keep us safe from all kinds of infectious diseases including corona.

saved these diseases

Use of masks

Using a mask covering the nose and mouth protects the respiratory system and lungs. Face masks prevent the transmission of germs through the respiratory system. Masks are very effective in preventing viral common flu, influenza, measles, mumps, chicken pox and viral or bacterial pneumonia and tuberculosis. Masks add moisture to the air that enters our lungs when we breathe.
Moist breath helps to increase immunity in the body. High humidity inhibits the spread of bacterial infections in the respiratory system. Masks are also effective in controlling allergies and allergic diseases, such as asthma, by preventing exposure to dust from polluted environments. New research shows that air pollution is the cause of various diseases. Face mask should also be used to protect oneself from air pollution.

Sneeze-cough etymology

When sneezing and coughing, use a tissue or a handkerchief, if nothing else is available, cover your nose and mouth with folded elbows. Sneezing or spitting is called droplets. Many infectious diseases are spread from person to person through droplets. It takes time to develop these manners into habits. But those who have become accustomed to this good practice during the last two to two and a half years of the Corona epidemic, should always follow it. Teach them again and again as children get used to it. Once mastered, never make a mistake again for the rest of your life. In the future, new types of diseases will also be protected.

Hand washing habits

Why washing hands is important, everyone has understood that during Corona. Proper hand washing should be practiced. Do not rush to wash your hands. Apply soap up to both elbows for at least 20 seconds and wash your palms, fingernails and nails thoroughly. It is best to wash hands under running water. Important teaching of hand washing should start at the family level in childhood. Since we do most of the work with our hands, our hands also come in contact with various germs

Avoid unhealthy foods

Unhealthy outdoor food is a major barrier to health protection. If we can maintain the good habits that we have mastered in overcoming this obstacle, the path to good health will be easier. Open food sold on the roadside is easily contaminated with germs. Various stomach diseases can be caused by these germs. Other unhealthy foods outside include bakery products and various types of fast food. These foods are rich in transfats. Transfat is the most harmful fat for health.

Bad habbit

Many people are very addicted to these foods. Body weight can increase due to the effect of these foods. These foods increase the risk of diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and brain hemorrhage. Many outside foods contain harmful chemicals, which damage the liver, kidneys and other organs. Many foods can cause allergies and allergic diseases, such as asthma or asthma, rhinitis or nasal congestion, body itching. Good habits like avoiding unhealthy outside food are very sustainable and effective in maintaining good health.

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