The network of fever-cold-cough is gradually spreading in different provinces of India. The number of patients is increasing by leaps and bounds. Fever-severe shortness of breath. With breathless cough. Some also have blood in their urine. Researchers say, viral fever. However, like the Corona (Coronavirus), although it is fast contagious, the lethality is low. So there is nothing to fear. The only tip is paracetamol and plenty of water.

Indian Medical Association, the highest body of doctors in the country, is sitting in discussions after seeing the prevalence of viral fever in most states of the country. ICMR held several rounds of discussions with Pune Institute of Virologists. Both organizations have the same message, seasonal fever, nothing to fear. So that many babies are being admitted to the hospital? Or having to go on ventilation?

ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) distinguished researcher Sameeran Panda said, “Corona virus has reduced the natural immunity of the body. So many people are sick with a slight fever and cold. But most recover within three to five days. Many people do not understand. Recovered after a slight fever.” So what to do?

Drink water frequently so that the amount of urine does not decrease. Antibiotics should not be taken without doctor’s advice. In the words of Jaydev Roy, If a child of six months or less has a fever-cold, mother’s milk acts as medicine. However, if there is more difficulty in breathing, oxygen must be arranged with the advice of a specialist. Care must be taken not to put pressure on the child’s lungs. If it comes out like a V, it should be understood that the child has an infection. Again, if there is blood in the urine, decreased urine volume, red eyes or conjunctivitis or upset stomach, it should be understood that adeno or homologous virus infection has occurred.

But hopefully, DNA viruses are less lethal. Mutation does not happen. Therefore, if sick, the baby and the mother should be kept in separate rooms. If the pulse oximeter shows low oxygen in the blood, you should be admitted to the hospital immediately. But even as the influx of outdoor patients has eased, a number of malnourished children have died. The fever clinic at BC Roy Children’s Hospital was closed on Sunday, sparking anger among the patients’ families

Meanwhile, in the last 24 hours, seven children have died in BC Roy Children’s Hospital. This includes the death of a two-and-a-half-year-old child from Deganga. Allegedly, he needed to be sent to Piku on Saturday. But as Piku was not empty, he died in the afternoon. According to hospital sources, the child was infected with Adeno. But according to paediatricians, the warmer the weather, the less likely the virus will be.


Drink water frequently so that the amount of urine does not decrease. Antibiotics should not be taken at all without a doctor’s advice. ICMR’s distinguished researcher Sameeran Panda said this.

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