Many women suffer from the problem for years. From this doctor to that doctor. But the problem is not solved. The name of this problem in women is endometriosis. The problem usually starts in adolescence. At the onset of menstruation.

*In the beginning, menstruation stops for a few days. Then every menstrual period started with unbearable pain. Sometimes pain medication is bought from the pharmacy.Sometimes old women say, it’s nothing, it happens to everyone. It will be fine when it grows up. But as the age increases, the problem does not decrease; Rather, the intensity of the pain continues to increase.

*Once forced to go to the doctor. Then various tests. Abdominal ultrasonogram showed chocolate cyst in ovary or ovary. Pain-pain is better for some time after using different types of hormonal drugs, then it increases again when it is stopped.

*After that, the medicine does not work. School work becomes normal on special days.

  • Sometimes cysts are removed by laparoscopy. But it can appear again. New problems started after marriage. Pain during intercourse can upset the woman.
  • Endometriosis is also a major cause of infertility, so many treatments are required to conceive. At one stage, the affected woman became mentally disturbed. His social and family life also began to suffer.
  • In this way, women’s physical and mental problems become the cause of two types of problems.

why is

When endometrial tissue is located outside the uterus, it is called endometriosis. As a result, when menses occur, severe pain is caused due to bleeding from tissues in that abnormal location apart from the uterus.Cysts are formed due to such changes in the ovary. Various parts of the reproductive system get damaged. This is how the situation sometimes gets complicated.

Awareness is needed

  • In most cases, 8 to 10 years pass before the disease is diagnosed. So there is no delay or negligence in diagnosis and treatment. Early treatment can prevent complications.

Endometriosis Awareness Month is about to begin. Let us be aware of the painful problem of women.

Don’t forget to consult a specialist doctor without hesitation or hesitation.

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