Casey King is 38 years old. Home in the US state of Georgia. He gained popularity on social media due to his huge body. Once his weight was was 780 pounds. He had many complications. So KC tried to lose weight. He also reduced more than 570 Pounds. Casey shared her entire weight loss journey with her followers on social media. Received a good response.

2014 incident. Casey’s weight was 780 pounds. Due to excess weight, he has difficulty in walking and doing daily work. One day he suddenly got stuck in the bathroom. He had to stay there for 11 hours.

This incident opened KC’s eyes. He realizes that he has to lose extra weight to survive. His mother was worried about her child’s weight gain. In his early twenties, Casey was named the fattest person in town.

Casey’s condition was really miserable then. He couldn’t put on his shoes, get dressed, use the bathroom, take a shower—anything. Had to depend on others. This situation has a negative impact on Casey’s mental health.

The overall situation forces Casey to embark on a ‘mission’ to lose weight. Casey went to the gym after a few years. He started doing physical work, swimming. He started going to the gym four times a week for two hours to burn calories. In 2018, he underwent further weight loss surgery. The result is also the same. Within a few years, he lost more than 570 Pounds.

Casey told the media that the extra weight has caused him a lot of trouble. As a child, no one wanted to associate with him because he was overweight. He grew up alone without friends. Casey used to eat more to overcome this disappointment. He would devour an entire bag of French fries and a large McDonald’s burger in no time.

However, even after losing more than 570 Pounds, Casey King could not fully recover. At various stages of weight loss, the skin on his body begins to shrivel. He is now planning to put himself under the doctor’s scissors again to smoothen this skin.

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