Suddenly woke up in the morning with red eyes. Many people suffer from such problems. There are many reasons for red eyes. If the eyes are red very often and if they are red for a long time, you must consult an ophthalmologist without neglecting them.

Here are some cause

  • People who have asthma problems, their eyes become red when their asthma worsens.
    Allergies can also cause red eyes due to exposure to excess dust
    Many times the eyes are red when they are inflamed. Redness can also be caused by increased eye pressure or glaucoma.
    The eyes may become red if there is an injury or something falls on the eyes.
    For those who use contact lenses, there may be problems when the lenses expire. Some reactions to wearing contact lenses can also cause red eyes.
  • Low-quality eye cosmetics also make the eyes red. Even using an eyedrop can cause red eyes.
    Many people experience red eyes due to allergies during the change of season.
  • Adolescents often develop red eyes due to not using the correct power glasses.
    Prolonged exposure to a computer screen can also cause red eyes.

what to do

  • Do not splash water directly into the eyes if there is any discomfort. Rather, if the eyes are very itchy, dry, irritated, then wet a clean handkerchief with cold water and place it over the eyes to get quick relief.
  • Do not use any eyedrops on your own if your eyes are red.
  • Eating certain foods causes red eyes due to allergic eye problems. Such as duck eggs, hilsa fish, beef. don’t eat less of these foods.
  • If you have to work in front of the computer for a long time, try to take a break every half an hour.


Anti-allergic or lubricating eye drops are given if the eyes are initially red. Chronic allergic patients are given immunomodulator eyedrops, which act like steroid eyedrops. Necessary tests should be done to determine the specific disease causing the red eye. Ophthalmologist should be consulted without neglect.

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