High Protein Means High Death Rates

There is no conclusive evidence that high protein diets have a direct link to higher death rates. Studies have shown that individuals who consume diets high in animal protein may have a higher risk of developing certain chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer. Studies have suggested that higher protein diets may improve overall health and may even be protective against certain chronic illnesses. Ultimately, the health effects of a high protein diet will depend on the quality and quantity of the protein consumed.

Besides my guidelines offered here and in my other describing the Nutritarian diet, several other dietary guidelines promise to prevent heart disease through better nutrition such as the U.S. The Department of Agriculture approved the DASH diet and the Mediterranean diet.

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I have experience with thousands of patients who have reversed their cardiovascular disease. I have treated thousands of people with high blood pressure, diabetes, and advanced heart disease. These people have demonstrated that when a treatment plan that combines nutritional excellence and appropriate exercise is applied in a private practice setting.

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When presented with overwhelming evidence that diets high in meat and animal fat are dangerous, the Paleo crowd sometimes responds by denying the evidence. Paleo proponents argue that the dangers are associated only with consumption of commercial meat, not wild or pasture-fed animals. This is not true. Much of the research showing the risks of having too much animal products in the diet is based on studies of hundreds of different countries and populations, especially low-and middle-income populations that tend to eat naturally raised animal products. Natural animal products may be a touch safer than products from animals raised differently, and certainly it makes sense to eat cleaner, more natural sources for the smaller amounts of animal products that you might consume. But to achieve optimal health, there is no escaping the fact that you must significantly reduce or eliminate the consumption of animal products,

The popular Paleo diet craze is wishful thinking for meat lovers. It is a hypothesis that does not hold up to scientific scrutiny. Even more ominous for meat lovers are more recent studies that looked at large populations and tracked participants for many years—adding to the accuracy of the results. In particular, a landmark study published in 2014 tracked six thousand people in the 50–65 age range for eighteen years. When comparing the highest and lowest quartiles of animal protein consumption, researchers found that participants consuming the higher amount had a 75 percent increased risk of
death and a fourfold increased risk of cancer.

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