Drugs Are Not the Solution

Drugs are not the solution for treating mental health issues. Mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, and other conditions cannot be solved by simply taking a pill or drug. Drugs may provide temporary relief from symptoms, but they do not address the underlying cause of the issue. In addition, many drugs used to treat mental health issues come with a range of potential side effects, which can be significant and even dangerous.

The best approach to treating mental health issues is to address the underlying cause, by utilizing therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, stress reduction techniques, and other evidence-based treatments. These treatments can help a person learn to cope with their condition, become aware of their triggers, and develop healthier habits and behaviors. They can also help individuals build resilience and emotional regulation skills, which can be very beneficial in managing their mental health.

In addition to therapy, other lifestyle changes can help promote mental health, such as getting adequate sleep, exercising regularly, and eating a healthy diet. Engaging in activities such as yoga, mindfulness, and art can also be beneficial. Seeking professional help from a mental health professional is essential in any treatment plan, as they can provide support, guidance, and resources.

New drugs are continually introduced that attempt to lessen the effects of our nation’s self-destructive eating behavior. Most often, our society treats disease after the degenerative illness lias appeared, an illness that is the result of from forty to sixty years of nutritional self-abuse. Drug companies and researchers attempt to develop and market medications to stem the obesity epidemic.

This approach will always be doomed to fail. The body will always pay a price for consuming medicines, which usually have toxic effects. The “side” effects are not the only toxic effect of medications. Doctors learn in their introductory pharmacology course in medical school that all medications are toxic to varying degrees, whether side effects are experienced or not. Pharmacology professors stress never to forget that. You cannot escape the immutable biological laws of cause and effect through ingesting medicinal substances. If we don’t make significant changes in the foods we choose to consume, taking drugs prescribed by physicians will not improve our health or extend our lives. If we wish true health protection, we need to remove the cause. We must stop abusing ourselves with disease causing foods.

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